By Ashraf Al Shafaki


  • Write down information
  • Illustrate using drawings
  • Ask participants to write or draw


  • Helps develop ideas gradually (in contrast to a sideshow presentation)
  • Makes the training more visual
  • Adds interactivity to session
  • Improves participant engagement
  • Helps in retention of information
  • Allows for more freedom and creativity (on contrast to slideshow presentation)
  • Easy to use (in contrast to slideshow presentation)
  • Low cost, does not need consumables (in contrast to flip chart which needs flip chart sheets)


  • Content is lost after the session (in contrast to a flip chart)
  • Holds a limited amount of retainable information
  • Consumes time during the session to write or draw on it (in contrast to a slideshow presentation)
  • Handwriting can be messy (in contrast to a slideshow presentation)