Trainer Notebook


The Trainer Advancement Notebook (TAN) is a powerful tool that can help a trainer progress throughout his or her training career.


  1. Get a notebook and label it with Trainer Advancement Notebook followed by your own name.
  2. Ask students for feedback at the end of each training course you deliver.
  3. After delivering each training course, write down in your Trainer Advancement Notebook what you have learnt from delivering such training course:
    1. Positive: Things you have done and discovered they have great positive impact on trainees.
    2. Negative: Things you have done and received negative feedback on or found having a negative impact on trainees.
  4. Base both the positive and negative points you write down in your TAN on:
    1. Feedback from students
    2. Your own observations and conclusions
  5. Revise both positive and negative points in your TAN before delivering every new training course.
  6. Every few months, collect the positive and negative points from your TAN, reformat then and write them down in digital format then edit them to become an accessible personal reference for you.
  7. Share your edited list of discoveries with others online.


Humans normally forget as time passes by. Without writing down your 'discoveries' you might find yourself rediscovering them on and on again while forgetting you had known them in the first place! Writing them down helps you build on your personal knowledge.s