Sticky Notes Feedback


This is a description of how to gather feedback from participants about your training session using post-it notes (sticky notes). This method is one of several ways to collect feedback on the training from participants. It is best used in the middle of a training session or in the middle of a training course rather than at its end.


  1. Provide participants with one ore more packs of post-it notes.
  2. Ask participant to take 3 post-it notes each.
  3. Ask participants to label each of the 3 post-it notes with the labels "Start", "Stop" and "Continue" by writing them at the top of the post-it notes.
  4. Ask participants to provide feedback on the training session(s) so far by writing in each of the 3 now labeled post-it notes:
    1. Start: Participant writes what he or she believes the trainer should start doing.
    2. Stop: Participant writes what he or she thinks the trainer should stop doing.
    3. Continue: Participant writes what he or she thinks the trainer should continue doing.
  5. Provide time for participants to write down their feedback on the post-it notes they have labeled.
  6. Make a flip chart sheet ready for posting by dividing it into 3 columns one for each category of feedback (start, stop and continue).
  7. Ask participants to post their completed post-it notes on the wall or on a flip chart sheet.
  8. Students get out of their seats to post the post-it notes on the wall or the flip chart sheet then return back to their seats.
  9. When everyone is done, start reading the feedback in the posted post-it notes aloud or ask some participant to do so.
  10. You my optionally comment on some of the feedback provided whenever you find this useful.


  • Provides shy participants with an easy to way express their views.
  • Provides a sense of direction for the trainer.
  • May provide creative suggestions to trainer.
  • Gives participants a chance to express themselves.
  • Counts as a physical activity making participants move out of their seats and move around the training room.


  • A participant may elect to provide feedback on one or two categories only instead of writing in all of the 3 categories (stop, start and continue).