By Ashraf Al Shafaki


An increase in the performance of many skills means an increase in the speed by which such skill is performed while preserving quality of the performance. It is often necessary to train oneself or to train others in increasing their speed of performing some specific skill. Repetition is the secret behind gaining speed in performing any skill.

Speed Formula

(Slow + High Quality) * Repetition = High Speed + High Quality

Any skill can be improved and the speed of its performance increased by repeating the performance of such skill. The more the repetitions the higher the speed that would be reached. For the formula to work, the performance must be done in the highest quality possible from the start. In order to reach such high quality at the beginning performance must be done very slowly. Speed will come automatically later on and should not be sought. Only high quality plus repetitions should be sought and speed will come on its own as repetitions increase while preserving quality of performance.

(Fast + Low Quality) * Repetition = High Speed + Low Quality

If you start by aiming at increasing your speed right from the beginning while not caring about the quality, no matter how many times you repeat the quality will never increase. After so many repetitions the quality will remain still very low and the speed will remain the same.