Role Play

By Ashraf Al Shafaki


  • Describe a situation
  • Identify people (roles) that are present in such a situation
  • Assign roles of such "people" to participants in the training room
  • Ask those participants to image they were those people in are in the situation you have described
  • Optionally provide time for assigned participants to prepare for what they will say and do during their role play
  • When they are ready, ask the assigned participants to act out the situation in front of the rest of the participants as if they were the people in that situation you have described
  • After the acting is over, ask the rest of the participants to comment
  • Optionally ask the participants who have completed the role play to disclose how they felt. You may ask them a number of directed questions to help them express feelings they had during the role play and perceptions they have formed after completing the role play


  • Ask one participant to be an interviewer during a job interview and the other to be the interviewee
  • Ask participants to play the role of different political parties discussing political issues facing the country


  • Greatly improves participant engagement
  • Can change perceptions by tapping into emotions
  • Leads to total immersion for role players
  • Makes the training highly interactive