Role of the Trainer

By Ashraf Al Shafaki

Although the role of the traditional teacher was to force-feed knowledge to students and jam-pack their brains with information, the role of the trainer has now evolved to cover the following 6 aspects instead:

  1. Ignite trainee interest in subject by:
    1. Selecting only the interesting elements of a subject and starting by unveiling them to trainees
    2. Making trainees perceive the highly sought-after benefits they will attain upon mastering the subject
  2. Boost trainee self confidence in his ability to master the subject by:
    1. Soliciting information about the subject matter from trainees
    2. Making the trainee see by himself that he is capable
    3. Giving praise
  3. Provide trainees with a guidance to help them wade through an overflow of information by providing them with:
    1. A skeleton of the subject
    2. A seed
    3. What to do for further self-learning
  4. Provide trainees with support by:
    1. Answering trainee questions
    2. Correcting trainee mistakes
  5. Provide trainee with lots of practice opportunities such as:
    1. Exercises
    2. Projects
    3. Games
    4. Role play
  6. Build trainee capacity
    1. Imparting information
    2. Acting as a role model
    3. Being a mentor