Selection Criteria


The following criteria are used to select candidates eligible for attending the Training of Trainers program:

  1. Level of motivation
  2. Ambition 
  3. Clarity of goal
  4. Determination
  5. Need
  6. Usefulness of training to participant. (Participant will make use of the TOT program after completing it.)
  7. Usefulness of participant to the training. (Participant has a skill that would benefit the progress of the TOT program and its projects.)
  8. Diversity. (Diversity in gender, age, education and background. Plus participants who have something unique and not repeated a lot in other candidates.)
  9. Creativity
  10. Circle of influence


The above criteria have been chosen in an attempt to achieve the following goals:

  • Equip current and wold-be trainers with a variety of new, fresh, creative and lively techniques and methods to use during delivering their training.
  • Allow the TOT program to have the widest impact by reverberating in society.
  • Insure that candidates will be actually attending the sessions.
  • Produce a plethora of diverse workshops and a competent line of trainers who have the capacity to run such workshops.
  • Insure that the general atmosphere of the TOT sessions is lively, full of energy, useful and productive.