By Ashraf Al Shafaki


Managing trainee expectations from the training program can add to their overall satisfaction by the end of the training program.


  1. During the first session and after the breaking the ice, ask participants "What do you expect to learn from this training?"
  2. Have one of the participants write their contributions on a flip chart sheet on the fly.
  3. Write down your own list of covered material in the training on another flip chart sheet.
  4. Compare the two sheets, commenting on what will and what will not be covered during the training.
  5. You may get back to those sheets once again at the last part of the last session of the training.


  • Participants feel better as their opinions were heard
  • Participants get to know what they should expect from the training
  • The trainer gets to know which points to emphasize, which to leave out and which to add during the training