By Ashraf Al Shafaki


The ability of a trainer to create new content from scratch or adapt old content on the fly during a training session depending on the needs of trainees and unpredictable situations that may arise.


  • A trainee expresses a specific expectation not originally covered by the training program and the trainer improvises and includes the expected part instantly in the same training session
  • The flip chart, the white board or the video projector is not present while the trainer has prepared part of the training to use them. The trainer improvises and uses alternative means without degrading performance of the training
  • The trainer realizes that the time given for the training session is much greater than the content prepared so he improvises and adds new content or extends the content by adding more activities.


  • Ability to overcome unexpected training situations that might arise suddenly without being prepared for
  • Ability to adapt training instantly to the needs of the trainees and the conditions present
  • Minimize the need for preparation before delivering the training
  • Create adaptive training programs
  • Provide variety in training