Group Work

By Ashraf Al Shafaki


  1. Ask participants to form small groups (2 - 6 participant per group).
  2. Provide a task for the groups to accomplish.
  3. Each group collaboratively work together as a team to produce the outcome requested from the task given by the trainer.
  4. One of the group members is responsible for writing down the results of the team members' discussion.
  5. Each group selects a representative to speak out the the findings or outcome results of his or her group.
  6. The trainer selects one of the groups. The representative of the group stands up in front of the audience in place of the trainer and presents the outcome of his team.
  7. After the team representative is done with his or her presentation, the trainer selects another group who in turn elect a representative to give  a presentation about their outcome.
  8. The previous step is repeated until all the groups have presented their work.
  9. The group work activity is now complete.


  • Instead of selecting one representative only, each group can select two or more representative or even the whole team to present their work together in front of the rest of the participants.
  • Instead of providing a presentation about a group of ideas, the results of a group work session can be a role play, psychodrama or any other forms of engaging displays.
  • Groups are allowed to use visual appeal during their presentation. A group may write and draw on a flip chart sheet using colored markers then use that sheet as a visual aid during their presentation.


  • When the time is up for working on creating the outcome of the group work, as signaled by the trainer, all teams must stop working on their outputs. No team is allowed to continue working on their output while a representative from another team is presenting his or her team's work.