By Ashraf Al Shafaki


  • Ask a participant to make a demo in front of the other participants
  • After the demo is over, allow the other participants to offer feedback about the demo
  • Clearly explain to participants giving feedback how to provide constructive feedback

Two Parts

To provide constructive feedback, participants should answer those two questions:

  • What did you like about the demo? (positive aspects)
    • "I felt ... when you ..."
    • "I liked your ... because ..."
  • What can be improved in the demo and how? (suggestions for improvement)
    • "You can ..."
    • "I suggest that you ..."
    • "It would be nice if you ..."


  • Be specific
  • Use positive language


  • Provides participant with self confidence
  • Makes participant aware of his/her strengths and what he/she should keep doing
  • Raises participant's awareness about what he/she can do differently to improve performance
  • Raises the awareness of participants providing the feedback about what makes a good demo
  • Keeps participants engaged while observing the demo in order to give feedback when it is completed