Trainee Confidence

By Ashraf Al Shafaki


A trainee who has self confidence is not afraid of performing the required activities or playing the role needed in the training course he or she is attending. He is sure of himself and that he has the ability to perform such actions with high quality.


  • Offer trainees easy tasks that they can succeed in achieving
  • Praise trainees whenever they make any noticeable achievement even of small
  • Display the artifacts produced by a trainee to the rest of the trainees (ex: show them his drawings)
  • Skip correcting some of the trainee mistakes
  • When correcting trainee mistakes, do it in a soft manner
  • Provide trainees with room to depend on themselves and do not provide them with excess support
  • Expand student skills and raise them to the next level by providing them with challenges to conquer


When a trainee has self confidence in his skills that are related to the training course he performs exceptionally well.