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By Ashraf Al Shafaki


Like the workshop of a carpenter or blacksmith, they have two features:

  1. People at the workshop are actively engaged in working (activity)
  2. They produce something tangible out of their work (artifacts)

Same with training workshops, participants must be actively engaged working solo or together on activities and producing outcomes in the form of artifacts.


Ask participants (solo) to draw a training course being delivered with trainer and trainees in the training room. Collect their drawings (with their names on it) and then go through the drawings one by one. Conclude how participants view the training course fromtheir drawings (teaching aids, distance between trainer and trainees, chair arrangement ...).

Do this activity at the first session. Keep their drawings. Repeat the same activity again at the last session (or the session before the last). Compare the before and after drawings of each participant. (Change should reflect change in perspective. Participants should now realize that training should be more interactive).