Wrap Up

By Ashraf Al Shafaki


A good trainer would always repeat what he had already said perhaps in more than one way. Reviewing the main points covered in a training session at the end of this training session goes a long way in helping trainees retain the content of the session and remember it in the future. Reviewing at the end of a training session is an excellent method to use if you ever find your students forgetting what you have been teaching them.

Give a Grand Finale

At the end of each training session, make a finale. Think of yourself as a performer or pianist playing a grand piece of music and then playing a final note which sums up and stresses the whole piece of music (aka training session) calling for applause. The effect of this finale will resonate in the hearts and minds of trainees leaving them with a strong favorable impression about the whole training session and about the trainer who has delivered it.

An example for a finale of a training session could be to quickly sum up the points covered during the session, mention what will be happening during the following session (a quiz, units or points covered ... etc) and ask trainees if they have any questions. All those three should be done very briefly and quickly in a heightened end note. That could be one good way to make a finale.

Of course a finale could only work if you have already delivered a good training session. The purpose of the finale is to heighten the effect of this well delivered training session and leave a favorable mindset in the hearts and minds of the trainees towards the trainer and the training session.