By Ashraf Al Shafaki

Offer Sincere Praise

Strive to show the trainees that their skill level is good and that you are happy delivering this training to them in particular. Give sincere words of praise. Do not try to fake it, just think of the strengths of that group of trainees then tell them about it. It is not enough that you feel they are doing well, but it is equally important that you make this clear to them by telling them so and in a sincere manner.

Such practice has two benefits. First of all, the trainees will love you back. They will start thinking highly of you and this will show in their feedback about the training at the end of the course. Secondly, and more importantly, when trainees feel their skill level is good or they are valued by the trainer, this will give them more confidence and energize them making them exert their utmost effort in the training. Conversely, trainees who feel they are behind and less skillful than the average group of trainees will loose interest in the training process, exert little effort in the training and show poor performance. So giving trainees sincere praise will go a long way in motivating trainees and getting the most out of them resulting in improved performance in addition to a favorable evaluation of the trainer.

The Ping Pong Rule

Make students happy about themselves and they will feel happy about you. Here is how to make students happy: Make students feel they are performing well and be sincere: Praise students; Tell them they have improved.

Harness Student Image

Students are motivated through different factors to study, perform well during class and do well in tests. One main motivator for students to perform well is their image among their colleagues. A student normally would like to show that he is performing well. This can be the strongest motivator for students to study and to be active during class. A good instructor would use this knowledge to motivate students during class for a better learning experience.

Use Effective Phrases

When a trainee is performing less than expected tell her: "You are below your high standard today." This simple sentence will make her work so hard to show her "high standard" next time in class.