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This one-day workshop aims at introducing the social networking platform Twitter to the new user.


By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Created your own twitter account (added a photo, written a short bio).
  • Started following a group of profiles 


  • The power of twitter, it's role in the #jan25 Egyptian revolution
  • Why use Twitter? Benefits of using Twitter.
  • In what ways Twitter can and is being used.
  • What's a tweet (140 characters)
  • How to create an account on twitter.
  • How to write an effective short bio.
  • Selecting an photo for your twitter profile.
  • Using Twitter - Twitter Features
    • Timeline
    • Following (let participants follow one another!)
    • Tweeting
    • hashtag (it's like a compact form of tags in blogs!)
    • @Mentions
    • @Replies
    • Favorite (somehow similar to Like in Facebook)
    • Retweeting (RT)
    • Messages (Direct Messages and how they work, how they differ from Facebook messages, SMS or email (they can vanish, one copy only is available))
    • Lists
    • Trending
  • Photos in tweets (Twitpic)
  • Abbreviated URLs in tweets
  • Real time (updates just pop in!)
  • The @ and # symbols
  • Permalink of a tweet
  • Search
    • Keywords
    • hashtag
    • @
    • Saved search
    • Advanced search
  • Viewing replied on tweets.
  • Comparison between blogging, tweeting and social networking website (Facebook, LinkedIn).
  • Twitter from cell phones
    • Twitter mobile applications (BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android)
    • Texting (SMS)
  • Promoting your Twitter profile (using the Follow button in your blog and elsewhere)
  • Themes and custom designs
  • Contests on Twitter
  • Google Real Time search and its relationship with Twitter.
  • The literal meaning of the words twitter and tweets.


  • Handouts containing all slides of the presentation
  • PowerPoint presentation for the workshop.


The Twitter Help page.