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Graphology Workshop

Designed by Ashraf Al Shafaki


After participating in this workshop you will be able to reveal personality traits of people through analyzing samples of their handwriting.


  • Explain
    • Introduce: A person's signature is like fingerprint, handwriting reflects the identity of the person.
    • Show video of graphology from YouTube.
    • Show some graphology rules.
  • Games
    • Each participant writes something. Participants work in pairs to analyse each other's handwritings. Finally samples of handwriting are taken to be analyzed by facilitator.
  • Conclude
    • Hint that graphology is used as part of candidate selection through application forms for study programs and for jobs.
    • End with an enlightening note about reverse graphology (graphotherapy).
  • Handouts
    • Distribute handouts with tables of several graphology rules.
    • Distribute fun evaluation forms of the session (ask if participants would like sessions about CV writing, a CV Party and what other sessions they'd like to attend).


The Good

  • A FUN session!
  • Participants highly involved and eager to know and work! Participants being thrilled.


One participant gave facilitator a piece of paper with handwriting on it but it was not her handwriting but rather that of another participant. After the group made an analysis of the handwriting thinking it was hers, she gave the paper back to the real owner of it which was a guy. The trick was made by the guy to try and test the validity of graphology and weather the facilitator and group would be really able to provide a true blind interpretation of his handwriting.


  • Participants write their names on flipchart.
  • Participants write their names and some info about themselves on paper (name, education/work, why are you attending this session or how did you know about it).
  • Participants switch paper with partners and try to guess their partners' personalities or at least point out observations in their partners' handwriting (spacing between letters, slants, size ...). They discover the features themselves.
  • Facilitator explains some graphology rules (zones and their meaning, slant, ...)
  • Group tries to interpret each handwriting sample of each participant.
  • Close up note about graphotherapy (reverse graphology) and the use of graphology in evaluating work and education application forms.


  • Camera to take still images of participants while involved in writing games.
  • Video shooting of parts of session, participants and facilitator.
  • Additional info about: spacing (between letters and between words).
  • Collect and take samples of participant handwritings.
  • Give a grand finale.