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posted Feb 22, 2012, 3:13 AM by Ashraf Al Shafaki   [ updated Mar 10, 2012, 1:41 AM ]

A workshop aimed at boosting your creativity level and allowing you to direct such enormous creative energy to problem solve stubborn problems, come up with efficient, clever and simple solutions to big problems and have and be more fun!


  • Produce first in one form then transform into a different form. (Ex: Write content on paper then type on a computer.)
  • Sleep. Sleeping rests the mind and boost creativity as you wake up.
  • Fill your mind with input. That way it will be able to produce output. (The input pushes and brings out output. The input is also digested and later on produces different output. Getting input warms up and stimulates the mind so it produces output.)
  • Relaxing the mind through simple acts like meditation, being in nature, doing something enjoyable or enjoying a work of art can revitalize and boost its creative power.
  • Giving structure (headings) to content inspires you with more content (upward spiral).
  • Writing or  creating content reflects in your mind giving you ideas to produce more content (like a mirror).
  • Trigger: A trigger sets the brain afire and starts a chain reaction of creativity. Ex: a photo can trigger creative writing during a creative writing workshop.