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Ghada Alakhdar

By Ghada Alakhdar

  1. Encourage students to download speeches via YouTube like Moez Masoud because they see the mouth of the speaker, it is not culturally-difficult to trace what he is saying and it enhances the quality of their English intake.
  2. For pre-intermidates: trainer narrates a very popular story and asks them to answer questions on their cards....(each 1 or 2 have a card with a specific "write adjectives of feeling", "write words of motion", "count verbs in the past"...etc.) this activity makes them engaged ...excited to share the story n their answers...and raises their confidence....
  3. An optional follow up activity is to clearly divide the same story into 3 parts...or more (according to the number of groups) and ask them to write it down together highlighting vocab or grammar aspects. have them write verbs in colours....then post on the class wall.