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Learning Methods


By observing things around us we can start learning more about the world. In order to learn more about a particular field, try observing closely elements in such field. Keen and continuous observation helps one make discoveries, build theories and gain valuable knowledge about the field he or she is observing.


Imitation is a key learning method. Imitation is one of the primary learning methods where you can gain mastery of a skill quickly. Imitation is used during the initial stages of learning. After repeated imitation and mastery of what is being imitated one can then move along to more advanced learning methods such as creative production and experimentation. Imitation remains a quick learning tool that can get beginners up to speed very quickly providing them with great skill in short time and making them acquire a solid foundation upon which they can build further skill using more advanced learning methods.


Reading is an excellent learning method as it provides one with knowledge based in the experience of others. Reading can provide one with the foundation of a specific subject. It can give you the underlying principles of a particular field providing you with the gift of understanding which can be the base for learning through other learning methods such as experimentation which works best when based on understanding which in turn can come from reading or observation. Observation can provide you with precise understanding yet is normally a much slower learningn method than reading.


Experimentation can be a slow method of learning same as observation or even slower, yet it has the advantage of providing you with deep understanding of the various possibilities and extremes of a particular field in addition to allowing you to discover new knowledge not known before to other or not easily accessible to you or to others. Experimentation also has the advantage of being fun and exciting, it is a very motivational method for learning.