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Learn Photography


Shooting photos is a good way to learn. A complete cycle is needed to reap the benefits of learning through this method. The cycle goes as follows. First you attempt to take many photos during some event or of something in particular such as plants for instance. You then download your photos from the digital camera to the computer. Finally you start observing the photos you have shot taking notice of the best ones. This cycle will help you discover best photography techniques and will make your next photography shooting experience way better by focusing on best techniques you have observed the results of during your last photography shoot. By continually repeating this learning cycle of taking photos and getting self-feedback you will go up a learning spiral improving your skill in photography with every cycle.


Observing great photos taken by great photographers is an excellent way of learning.


Experimenting is an excellent way for learning photography. It is a form of learning by doing except that you may intentionally try extreme or weired things or things you have seen in an amazing photo or techniques you have just read about. Experimentation can bring you to new heights in photography.


Camera Manual

Reading the camera manual is one good way to take full control of your camera, make the best out of it and use it to its full potential. First leaf through the manual reading only the essential points then go directly to doing and trying what you have just read. Experiment and observe the results of your experimentation. Get back to the manual later on for a deeper and fuller reading. You will start building more knowledge and will go deeper into how to take more control of your camera and ascend to a higher skill level perfecting your techniques and learning new ones.


While the camera manual can let you gain control of your camera, reading about photography techniques on the web will provide you with skill in taking excellent photos. Reading followed by doing and experimenting will greatly improve your skill in photography.


Feedback from others on your photos can be an excellent learning method. Try to get feedback from the pros and experts and not the ordinary people. Regular people might like your photos a lot and tell you they are just great but expert photographers may provide you with tips on how to further improve your shots and point you out to weaknesses in your photos which you can avoid in your future shots.