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Learn English

By Ashraf Al Shafaki


The first channel for language acquisition is to feed your brain through your senses with the language you want to learn. This can be done by listening to native speakers of that language while they are communicating with one another. Observing their body language, tone of voice and gestures while they are speaking will help you build enough input from such language you desire to learn.


After spending enough time keenly observing native speakers of the language you want to learn while they are communicating naturally with one another you can them move on to trying to use part of that language to actually communicate with them yourself. You will not be able to use all the language you have observed but you will be able to use part of it. When it comes to language, performance, or doing, is usually lower than language being observed and understood.


Attending an English language training course delivered by a native speaker of English who is good at delivering training can be a good way to jump start your English language skills. An English language course could also push you to carry out the necessary language practice during training sessions. Have a look at this English Language Course.