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Learn Cooking


Observe how others cook. This learning method can make you get a feel of different cooking processes. Yet observation alone will not help you become good at cooking for it must be combined with learning by doing in order to be effective. Observing cooking programs on TV could be a great way to learn and an alternative to learning by reading from cook books.


Doing is the best learning methods when it comes to cooking. Combined with reading from cook books or cooking websites, learning by doing can be sufficient to bring your cooking skill up to a good level.


Experimenting in cooking should be based on a fundamental knowledge of cooking. You should not start learning about cooking with experimentation. At least observation should be used at first to gain some basic cooking knowledge. Experimentation is a rather advanced learning technique when it comes to cooking as unlike when learning computer programs or computer programming, making a mistake in cooking, such as burning the food, usually cannot be undone and is costly in terms of time, effort as well as money.


Cooking lends itself perfectly to books. After all a cook book is what many people seek in order to learn how to make a specific dish. Cook books can be an amazing source for learning how to cook well. Combined with learning by doing, cook books can set you for a good climbing path up the cooking skill ladder.


Whenever you want to cook a specific dish but do not know how, you may always reach out for others and ask them. Yet this can also be done through cook books. What cook books might not help you with however is when you face some problem while or after you have attempted to make a specific dish. In such cases, asking another more experience person about the problem you have faced would be the best rope to use. A mix of reading from cook books, learning by doing and asking others whenever a problem arises could bring your cooking skill up to a good level. Learning by teaching can then elevate your skill level even further.


As is the case with all sorts of learning, the learning cycle cannot be complete without teaching others what you have learnt. Tell others how you cooked something. Provide others with cooking advice whether it is something you have learn from somewhere else, such as from a cook book, or you have discovered yourself through experimentation for instance or just by chance. Answer other people's cooking questions. By giving back quickly and sharing what you know and learn about cooking your learning experience will be more fully rounded and your learning rate and expertise level will rise dramatically to new levels.


Attending a cooking course could provide you with a jump start on how to cook. It can provide you with sound nutritional information, hands on training, confidence in your cooking abilities, ability to use different cooking methods, ability to cook popular dishes and experiment with new ones with confidence.