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Idea Party

Realize your dream through a support group. Let members of the support group help you overcome obstacles standing between you and your dream by offering you ideas, tips, information, contacts and even direct assistance.

How it Works

You come with some dream in your mind and a few obstacles standing in the way of realizing this dream of yours. You tell the support group your dream and the obstacles facing you. They start brainstorming solutions, providing you with contacts and even direct assistance as you related each obstacle. You then get back to your seat and another person comes up and relates her dream and mentions the obstacles facing her and the mutual support team start providing her with the same support they've given you and so on.

Haves and Wants

Interested members can subscribe to a resource bank in which they write their names and contact info in addition to things they need or want and things they can offer like various services such as graphic design, driving lessons, Spanish language tutoring ... etc. The host can then use such resource bank to do matchmaking between members connected those in need of something with those who have expressed interest in offering it to others. This serves as a further expanded support network.