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Highly Agile Project Management

By Ashraf Al Shafaki


the highly agile project management methodology can be used in cases where the following conditions are present:

  • Presence of a large number of usually changing team members.
  • Presence of team members characterized by varying degrees of dependability or low dependability.
  • Presence of a largely unpredictable set of project resources characterized by low reliability.



Break down project tasks into small self-contained nuggets or chunks. Allow team members to pick from among the 'nuggets'. By dividing project tasks into small self contained nuggets and letting team members handle only small self-contained tasks at a time you get a much higher chance of the project nuggets being accomplished and taken care of by team members who have picked them.

A project task or nugget should be characterized by the following:

  • small (easy to accomplish by team member with low effort and within a short time period)
  • self contained (completing it brings irreversible progress to the project, like a mini milestone, this protects from the project going in circles with lots of effort waisted)