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Mind Reading Course

Designed by Ashraf Al Shafaki

All About Mind Reading

Ever just wanted to know what that other person is thinking of? How about a tool that would make you able to read into other people's minds? How would you like that? 

This site is focused on teaching you the mind's alphabet so that you can start reading into it once you have learnt the alphabet. Then, you'll be able to learn new 'words' every day once you have mastered the alphabet of the mind. Later on, you may like to hone your skills more by taking speed reading lessons. The gains you will obtain from learning how to read minds are no less than those you have obtained by learning how to read a text after mastering the normal English alphabet.

Uses of Mind Reading

  • You have a job interview and you want to read into the interviewer's mind.
  • You are a marketing manager and want to read into the competitor's mind.
  • You are in love and you want to read into the mind of the person you are in love with.
  • You are a student and you want to read into the mind of the teacher or professor who is writing the exam.
  • You are a mother or father and want to read into your teenager's mind.
  • You are an X and you want to read into Y's mind.


Mind reading is an interesting and wide field of knowledge. It takes time to master and even then you must keep on practicing to improve your skill. 

Mind reading is based on several elements, combined they provide you with the ability, with varying degrees of effectiveness, to read into another person's mind. Later on, you may also like to learn the skill of writing into other people's minds, but this is a skills you may only master after learning how to read. 

The first element of being able to mind read a person is to understand that person. They key to understanding a person is to be aware of his/her motives. Motives can be deducted by thinking of actions this person takes or what he/she says. The first basic rule upon which mind reading is based is: Every action a person takes no matter how small or utterance a persons says has a motive behind it.

The second element of mind reading which one has to learn besides figuring out motives is building models of people and classifying their personalities. This helps easitly interpret what you are reading from thier minds and avoids ambiguities. Building a mode of a person and figuring out his/her motives are interrelated and intersect with one another. A variation of the basic rule of motives mentioned above could be: Nothing a person does or says is random. So, by searching for the reasons behind actions and words one could mind a lot if valuable information including both motives and also the personality of that individual. Building a model for a person woul require deeper thought and analysis of his/her actions and words to come up with a generalized model representing his/her personality. 

Knowing the motives is number one. Building a model is number tow. Number three is guessing what the person will do or say when presented with different situations. Number three cannot be achieve unless by the help of number one and two. The practice and perfection of number three turns it from a mere guessing attempt to an actual act of mind reading. Just as with any other skill, the more you practice mind reading the better you become at it.

The above was a broad overview of the elements necessary for mastering the art of mind reading. Later lessons will talk about each element in detail and give examples on who it could be used to master mind reading. 


Creating, discovering and working with patters is key to mind reading. Basically, patterns can be used in two ways when it comes to mind reading. The firs way is to discover patters of behavior of a person. This will enable you to predict his/her actions in future situations when the same pattern repeats. The governing rule here is: When elements of a situation are similar, it's outcomes tend to be the same. The other way patterns can be used in mind reading is much more powerful. It is kind of a generalization of the first way. It is basically discovering who different types of people behave in specific situations. By discovering and taking note of such general patterns, you can predict how one person will behave based not on his/her previous actions but on the actions of another person, yet similar in personality, and a similar situation. The above mentioned rule also covers this case. 

Thinking with patters by learning how to discover them and when to observe their reoccarance then making use of them to predict output of different situations is a basic element in mind reading that should be mastered to reach real mind reading mastery.

Memory and Other Tools

The tools used for mind reading are basically your senses and your mind. Your eyes and ears will be the most valuable senses for detecting slight movements and positions of a person or the way in which he/she speaks and the words he/she says. Your mind will come in handy with its memory to help hold the words the person said and how he/she behaved. Besides its memory, the ability of your mind to work through the collected information to discover patterns is essential.

Memory is a great advantage when it comes to mind reading. Without memory patterns will be difficult to discover. With a wide, accurate and strong memory, many useful patterns will could be easily discovered and mind reading will then work effectively.