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Delivered by Ashraf Al Shafaki


By the end of this course you will:

  • Be able to write with a speed of 60 words per minute.



  1. Remove silent letters: right => rit
  2. Remove one of any double letters: door => dor
  3. Remove vowel sounds except if they come at the beginning of a word or are long vowel sounds: sit => st


  1. a: a, an, and, at, about
  2. b: be, by, buy, been, but
  3. c: can, come, copy, credit
  4. d: dear, do, due, did, date
  5. e: he, the
  6. f: for, from, if, find
  7. g: go, get, good, glad, give
  8. h: her, him, had, here
  9. i: I, it, is, time
  10. j: just, gentlemen (gentleman)
  11. k: kind, make, take
  12. l: all, also, will, well, letter
  13. m: am, me, my, made, man, men
  14. n: when, not, in, no, know, information
  15. o: out, of, on, what
  16. p: possible, price, please, put
  17. q: enclose, require, quite
  18. r: are, or, our, return, order
  19. s: sincerely, she, so, see, wish
  20. t: that, thank, there, to, too
  21. u: you, up, under, us
  22. v: very, ever, every, have, receive
  23. w: with, which, we, were, how, now
  24. x: check
  25. y: why, your, they
  26. z: as, has, his, was