Trainer of Trainers

I am a Trainer of Trainers who believes that some people are born trainers. If you are among those lucky ones, this web site will help you discover and further nourish the trainer within you. For the rest of us, this web site provides a wealth of knowledge that I have gained through first hand experience during his delivery of a diverse set of training programs. By mastering the art of training through understanding its core concepts and learning many of its techniques your skill as a trainer can match that of a born trainer.

I cannot remember having a more enjoyable career than delivering training. Many times on his way back home from work he gets the feeling that the money he get for such work is really something extra, for he had already got my satisfaction from delivering the training itself.

After delivering a diverse set of training programs in various fields and to a wide variety of audiences My current focus is on delivering Training of Trainers workshops for those who would like to become trainers as well as for trainers who would like to further hone their training skills.


I used to get a mixed feeling when a visitor to this website thinks that the content of this website is collected from some other places. The first feeling is a feeling of mild disappointment while the second feeling is that of joy. He feels disappointment because that visitor after checking out the content of the site thinks that I am not the one who wrote it and that he has just collected it from some other places. But then the feeling of joy prevails because it indicates to him that the reader feels the content is too good for him to write all by himself. He tries to look at it as a sort of testimony to the quality and diversity of the content he has written here based solely on his own experience as a trainer and trainer of trainers.

I would thus like to thank all those who have visited his website and got the impression that he was not the author of its content. To those he extends his thanks and at the same time whispers in their ears that every single word in this website as well as every thought or idea mentioned in it is his own except where mentioned. The content of this website is based solely on his personal experience gained through his delivery of a wide variety of training programs throughout the years.


Trainer of Trainers and author of Born Trainer, I can be reached at: ashraf.shafaki@gmail.com